Add ticker for Astrea VI

Hi Evan,

Need you to add the ticker (SGX: 6AZB) for the Astrea VI retail bond.

Hi Evan,

I vote to add AstreaVI Class A-1 (SGX:6AZB) ticker as well.

me too. please add

Is it listed already? I am not seeing any data for it.

Can give me a link to it where there is a EOD data point?


Yes, support this add. 6AZB code.
Started trading on 19th March

Me too. Thanks.

vote for this as well. unable to add this. it started trading this morning.

Thank you.

Hi all,

You should be able to add it now ->

For stocks that just started trading, it needs at least one data point before it can be available and since StocksCafe only have EOD data, it means that it can only be available after first trading day ends.


Thanks Evan.
Really appreciate how fast it was added.

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