Adding rights issue

How do I add rights issue that are non-renouncable to stocks cafe?

There are a few options the following:

  1. If you did not exercise it
  • But you still want to track the fact that rights are issued. Then you can use “My Notes” feature to note it down.
  1. If you did exercise it
  • Add it as a buy transaction and use “Transaction’s Notes” feature to note down that it is a rights issue.

Not sure if other have other suggestions.

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I wonder if an additional bit of sophistication is needed here.

Typically one is issued rights which have an exercise date and the ability to apply for excess shares. So recording the fact that the rights have been issued, like a dividend, is of interest.

Subsequently you have a decision to accept the rights, apply for excess shares, or if the rights are renounceable, to sell them. In any case, the rights exist as an asset until they expire. One then has to finalize a transaction based on shares issued and whether your application for excess shares was rejected, accepted partially, or in full.

Would be good to have this as a transaction type.