Am I doing ok?

Just wanted to get a sensing of my current status.

I started investing about 3 years ago. My longest held stock is about 1178 days.
I dabble only in SGX market

My current portfolio value is SGD 28,000
My total returns (incl P/L + Div) is about 4%
Both Current Yield and Cost Yield is about 6%

Is this a decent portfolio for someone who has been in the market for 3 years?
I don’t have any formal investment education so this is the result of me experimenting with a monthly portion of my salary and reading articles and analyst reports.

Hope to get some feedback
Thank you

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I am not sure that anyone can really give you the “right” answer, as it depends on your personal financial goals.

But so far you have not made a loss and the 6% yield is nice, so clearly you have not made any crass errors.

If you are aiming for a steady dividend income then you seem to be on the right path.


I recon most will get good return for purchase before 2018…On the other hand…even the 3 big local banks are in the red if you just get in this yea despite their stellar results :stuck_out_tongue:

Imo 6% is pretty good return if you are holding on to a Bluechip…it already beaten bank’s FD and CPF special account


Thanks for the valuable opinion guys =)

I’m in my late 20s and investing using my own income so I’m at a point in time where I want to stocktake on whether I should continue doing this on my own or just engage a financial planner to do it.

I hope to retire at 60 but any earlier is definitely a good bonus.
It’ll be wonderful if work becomes optional when I hit 45 but I doubt I’ll get there hahahaha

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I’m in my late 20s and investing using my own income so I’m at a point in time where I want to stocktake on whether I should continue doing this on my own or just engage a financial planner to do it.

My bias personal opinion/experience: No one would care more about your money than yourself. Also, financial planner are seldom real experts. They tend to just sell you products they have (or have affiliation to).

Although I strongly encourage buying sufficient insurance for you and your family especially medical/hospitalization related. (Something not so great happened to a family member recently and with a hospitalization insurance, we at least do not need to worry much about hospital bills).

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thanks for the advice.
i do have the necessary coverage plans for myself before i started investing so that’s taken care of.
i agree with your opinion, which is why i started investing on my own instead.
i used to have an ILP which i cancelled once i started my own investment.


You are receiving many good feedback. I seconded many of the comments - there is no right or wrong with investment returns and you should have your insurance coverage settled first (particularly healthcare and term insurance for yourself if you have dependents to care for).

In general, the market law is high risk high return and low risk low return. It is difficult to make a broad brush judgement on your return. If you are investing in Singapore shares only, I will suggest you benchmark against STI. If you are struggling to beat the STI then it may better to just buy the STI ETF and ride with the market. It will save you time and efforts to analyse individual stocks.

As a suggestion, you may want to consider a basket of SSB, SG Bond, REIT and STI ETFs - to diversify your risks. From Stockcafe, you can see the volatility of STI and it is not low. Volatility = risk. If you are investing only in SG shares, then we need to be able to stomach that volatility. However, if you are more risk adverse, then the basket as I mentioned above may help to buffer that volatility and give you more steady returns. But as the law goes again, you should expect a lower return in the long run.

Hope this helps.

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yea i only dabble in SG stocks as i have no time or energy to monitor overseas stuff

my current portfolio’s beta is 0.66 and have a VaR of about 6%…something that i can stomach

i have a portion of my portfolio in STI ETF.
looking to focus only on the STI ETF for now.
I have two issues of SSB so i’ll probably hold off on that until i stash enough in my funds to buy another issue.
I have a few REITs, mostly in malls and property/hotel related.
a couple of telcos and supermarket stocks but that’s about all my portfolio covers.

Sounds like you are already diversified :slight_smile:

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