Average Price and Cost seems incorrect

Hi, I was testing the SELL transaction and realised it didn’t affect the average price at all on my portfolio

DAY 1: Bought 6100 shares @ 0.655
DAY 2: Bought 6200 shares @ 0.635
DAY 3: Bought 8500 shares @ 0.59

Now: 20800 shares @ average price of 0.624.

Tried adding a SELL transaction for 12300 shares @ 0.645 (average price of DAY 1 and DAY 2)

Portfolio still showing 8500 shares @ 0.624? Shouldn’t it be 0.59 (or somewhere close)?

Current cost for the 8500 shares is also off by a few hundred off from my indicated cost.


Thank you for reaching out.

StocksCafe uses a weighted average approach hence sell transactions have no effect on price per share.

Please check out this post => Average price seems wrongly computed


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I see! Thank you for the prompt reply! :smiley:

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