Aviva corporate action - return of capital

hi there

aviva share (AV.L) had a corporate action recently with a 1 time payout of 1GBP per share, for the purpose of return of capital, which in turn will reduce every 25 shares to 19 shares.

I saw the ‘unpaid divideneds’ taken into account, but how do I go about adjust the share amount? from 25 to 19? is it automatic?

off hand issue, i’m not getting any email reports any more (for the past 2 days… any issue?)




Hi there,

Are you talking about the dividend on 16 May 2022? => https://stocks.cafe/stock/dividend/AV/aviva?type=xdetails&exchange=XLON

Sorry, this is not automated. I can manually create stock split of 25 : 19 event though.

Is it still the case now? I check the logs and did not see any issues. Did you check your settings?


Hi @evankoh

yes, thank you.

yes the 1 gbp dividend payment was captured by the system (this is the 1 time capital repayment)

subsequently a stock split of 25 shares to 19 shares → could you kindly adjust this for us?

as for the daily email report, I have not received anything since 16th May. I didn’t change any of my settings, since the beginning of my subscription. Is there anything else i can do to check on this?


Hi there,

Please go here and click accept => https://stocks.cafe/events/details?suggestion_id=6

That is weird then. I checked and seems like you are not subscribe to any emails. Please go here to at least check one of the “After XXX EOD data becomes available …” => https://stocks.cafe/user/toupdateemailpreferences


Ok I just checked, it was unticked in the mobile app ver. Of stockscafe. So weird!

I’m positive I didn’t untick it in any manner, anyway I reticked. Thanks @evankoh !

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