Can't view DPU graph in Kenny's reit screener

Hi Evan,

I can’t seem to view Kenny’s comprehensive reit screener properly–the DPU graph isn’t showing at all for all the reits.

I get the left and right axis shown but I can’t see the bars at all.

Is it something on my end of things or ?


Hi Peter,

Sorry for the issue.

Did you mean the last chart on this page? ->

Or this? =>

I just checked. They looked fine to me. Are you using desktop or?


Hi Evan,

I can’t see both. I tried using my desktop and macbook and I can’t see anything still.


Hmm… That is weird. What browsers are you using? Can you try Chrome? Also, can you try using them in private/incognito mode?

Btw, sometimes, it does not show up on first load but if you refresh, it shows up.

Meanwhile, I will try to see on my side what is the difference between the Gearing and DPU charts apart from one being line chart while the other is a bar chart.