CapitaR Retail Trust


Why is the Stocks.Cafe’s dividend amount for CapitaR Retail Trust different from that of the Financial Statements (as shown in the link below)?

Am I missing something here?


Not sure.

But I took a look at another source from SGX, they are not aligned with each other =>

I checked for 2017 and it is same as StocksCafe.


If you take 2017 and 18 together, the nett is the same as the financial statements lol. Dunno what went wrong… hmm.


Evan, can see here, that in 2017, 10.1c (including 0.0391 advanced distribution).

Whereas in, in 2017 it was 0.14… lol… Means they double counted.


SGX always has errors. I notice they seem to exclude special dividends. always has double count


I see…

Maybe @evankoh can help to amend the yield?

By the way, layers, thank you for your analysis on CRCT one quarter ago as it cemented my decision to be vested. While I missed the “best price”, I think at $1.42, it offers an acceptable margin of safety quantitatively, qualitatively and also from a technical perspective based on the chart.


What I am reading is that we want to follow this right?


@evankoh, yes.

I think we should since double counted for 2017 and layers experienced that SGX give wrong information.

From CRCT standpoint, both FS and their website consistent. I think FS should hold more weight over other avenues of reporting.


@evankoh do I need to open a thread in Friends to fix the yield calculation for your easy tracking?


Yes, that would make it easier to track. Sorry for the delay in fixing this.

Preferably, state what is wrong and what needs to be fix. Thanks!


Welcome aboard CRCT :smile: