Custom asset n Dashboard


  1. How do i enter the fees n dividends for CA correctly?
  2. After the merge, i realised that the dashboard ‘‘received income’’ became haywire and is higher than the amount before the merge. I tried to check on the dividend page n it doesnt tally too. May i know what is wrong?

Hi there,

For fees, you would enter it as you would for any other stocks.
For dividends, you have two options, either as system-wide dividends or personalized dividends. Since you are the only one holding that CA, system-wide would only affect you.
The key difference is that system-wide, the key information is dividends per share whereas personalized would focus on the total dividends.

I believe the reason is you did not delete the assets in “Other Assets” after migration? You can do so here → StocksCafe

Let me know if you have other questions.


Hi Evan, is this the correct way to delete the asset in ‘‘other assets’’?

That would only delete the recent value.

To completely remove an Other Assets, you can use the bin icon here → StocksCafe

However, please ensure that you have successfully migrated it to Custom Assets before doing so. Thanks!

Sorry i dont really understand system-wide vs personalized dividends, can you illustrate how it really works?
Is it possible that someone will have the same holding (CA) as me next time and leads to confusion?
What is the current type of dividends under my holding? How do i create the dividends properly? The existing ones are ported over from ‘‘other assets’’.

This is not possible because CA is unique for everyone (at least for now). Even if the symbol chosen is the same, it will not collide because it is based on (user_id and symbol) for CA.

Sure. Let me share what I recommend for normal exchanges like SGX or HKEX etc.

System-Wide → For normal exchanges, this is the dividends override you want to use when StocksCafe’s upstream dividends information is wrong. e.g. When the dividends per share is $1 but StocksCafe’s upstream says it is $0.5. Why? This is so that you help StocksCafe to improve and every users’ information is changed.

Personalized → For normal exchanges, this is the dividend override you want to use when somehow the dividends per share listed is the same but the total amount your brokerage has given you is different from what StocksCafe is saying. This is usually due to rounding errors. E.g. StocksCafe assume rounding down since this is more “advantageous” to them but somehow your brokerage is generous and did rounding off. Say you have 125 shares and the dividends is SGD 0.001 hence the final amount could be SGD 0.12 or SGD 0.13.

So, for CA, it become a unique situation where it does not really matter if you use System-Wide or Personalized since you will be the only one holding the stock/asset. It really depends on which is easier for you to input.

Those ported over from Other Assets are System-Wide dividends.