Dbs Apr 2020 dividend

Hi Evan

Might be one of the first… But what happens now that DBS announced the dividend but might not pay it (given the meeting wasn’t conducted yet, and therefore not approved by shareholders during this covid times)?

I am assuming you mean how StocksCafe will handle it?

  1. If it is removed from my upstream then it should be removed automatically.

  2. If it is not removed from my upstream, we can still remove it manually from StocksCafe system-wide.

As long as the above happens before the PayDate, all is good. If it happens that they cancel the dividends after PayDate (which would be weird and unlikely I suppose), StocksCafe will have an additional step of cleaning up the cash transactions for users but not a big issue.

Please keep me updated :slight_smile:

ps: I also have DBS stocks, so I guess I should also be watching it more closely.

have a similar question, but for eagle hospitality trust.

stock has been suspended, and dividend ‘delayed’ indefinitely. i tried to remove but it said users cant edit past dividends.

“Accordingly, in light of the above developments, Stapled Securityholders should note and expect that there is no certainty or assurance as to the period of the delay in receipt of the Distribution or that such Distribution will be made at all.”

Thanks! I have removed it. Since the PayDate have passed, I would have to ensure that it is removed from cash transactions. Will do shortly.

Okay. Done. If you are using the cash transaction feature, you should not see the cash transaction related to that dividend.

updated. thank you!!