Dividend paid out not reflected in Cash Balance

Recently Frasers L&I Trust (SGX: BUOU) has paid out dividends. This is reflected correctly in Portfolio. However Cash Balance is missing this update entry. Thanks.


This distribution

13 Nov 2019 16 Dec 2019 OrdinaryDividend SGD 0.0101 (0.83%)

has not landed in the cash balance.

Thanks for reporting!

Created this to track => https://stocks.cafe/friend/viewissue?issue_id=1431

Do we manually add in this transaction or wait for the fix to update it?

Actually, you can try the following to backfill past dividends into your cash balance

  1. Goto this link => https://stocks.cafe/personal/portfolio/viewcashdetails?label_id=-1

  2. Click on “Populate Cash Balance Dividend” on the bottom right.