Dividend Received

Does this platfrom allow for dividend received to directly reduce the total cost of the stock we bought? For instance, if I bought Ascendas at $3 and received dividend of $0.03, it reduce the cost to $2.97 instead of saying I received dividend of $0.03 and cost is still $3.

Nope. StocksCafe does not reduce your cost as you receive dividends, at least not at this point.

Two reasons why that is not implemented are

  1. It would be possible for cost to be less than 0 if we do that. e.g. You buy a stock for SGD5 and you hold it for 10 years and each year it gives SGD1 dividends.

  2. Personally, for the above example, I would rather it says that we have gained 200% in dividends.



Thank you for your reply!

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