Dividend taxable and tax-exempt lumped together

Not sure whether this is a bug but the recent CICT SGX:C38U dividend (https://stocks.cafe/stock/dividend/C38U/capland+intcom+t?type=xdetails&exchange=XSES)
provided the details as a lump 0.37 cents but it’s actually taxable 0.27 cents and tax-exempt 0.10 cents
I mean it’s fine for most of us without need to declare taxes on SGX but when i try to match it to the dividends received through the bank, it takes more effort to match the line items and determine whether the correct amounts are received.

Is the lump dividend format based on the upstream data or was it aggregated in stocks cafe?

Ah… You are right… I made a change that accidentally merged all dividends on same ExDate.

I have reverted the change. Please verify. Thanks.

Wow, you are fast!
It’s showing the dividend details properly as grouped and expandable to individual line items now. Thanks!

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