Dividends not grouped

Hi Evan,

I noticed that dividends are currently not shown as grouped which was what was done previously. Is this change intended?

Yes, it was a side effect of me trying to do something else. That is separate them in the backend.

But yes, I intend to group them visually on the front end (though separate them in the backend) so give me some time to make them happen :slight_smile:


Done. It is available in v3.1.92

do i have to do something on my end? i still see them split up

or can you have an option for us to expand/collapse?

In mobile? or Desktop?



Oh… I think this request is about mobile.

Anyway, for desktop, you can see your dividends collected grouped with this → Collected dividends - StocksCafe

can it be configured as an option on the interface instead of specifying it via the url?

not sure why it always defaults to the “details” tab, just noticed it for the Due/Paid section

however, for the Announced section, it’s still showing as ungrouped and no option to toggle to group?

+1 to the default being grouped, and then click on “details” for those who want more details.

Might be more logical to show a summary (grouped), and then the user clicks “details” for a breakdown? Similar to on a stock dividend page where if you click “dividend” it shows “summary” first, then the user chooses to go to “details” for a breakdown.

You can use the “Grouped” button below. It is not url only.

Fair point. Better to set it to grouped.

Fair point. Let me work on this.