Enquiry on member status

Hi Evan, I have recently made referral to Saxo and enter two trades using Saxo. May i know when my status of my membership will change? I left not many transaction quota since I am still basic member.


Thank you for trying out Saxo through StocksCafe.

It depends on when you make the first trade. Typically, it takes 2-3 months from the first trade till the referral fees are paid by Saxo.

If you have made your first trade more than 3 months ago, please let me know and I will follow up with Saxo.


Hi Evan,
I just realise the basic account has been limited to 25 transaction and i have already made 26. Right now i’m unable to access. I have my saxo through stockcafe… It has been one month since my first trade in saxo. Possible to link me up as friends of stock cafe now ?


Let me reach out to Saxo and get back to you shortly.

Hi Evan

Any update??


Already PM-ed you. Saxo said that they cannot find your username and needed other personal details.