Error in Dividends Due/Paid page

Hi Evan,

In here
the rows records are duplicated with incorrect details

after done some trying, notice it happened when these 2 Sell transactions are recorded.

after removing the 2 Sell transactions, it back to normal

Please help to look at it. Thanks.


Thank you for reporting. Interesting. It seems like although the shares and div/share number is wrong but the total value is the same.

Sure. Will queue this up to investigate.


Hi Evan,

Thanks for the promptness. Please update mi when the investigation was done, I will use the work around for the meanwhile. Thanks.

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Hi Evan,

I think this could be related to the bug which I raised previously.

XD on 12 Nov
Payout on 29 Dec
I sold today on 19 Nov

Please kindly look into this, it happened again and confused me. Im not sure if my overall portfolio tabulation is still tally or not.

The number of shares got divided by 2, and the Div/Share and Amt got multplied by 2.

Screenshot when I split these transactions to another portfolio.

Another screenshot when I merged these transactions with my main portfolio,


Hi Yong,

Yes, it looked like the similar issue that you mentioned previously. Sorry for the delay. Let me find time by next week to look into this.

I believe it should not actually affect you since the total value is still the same. It should be just a visual issue.