Hi there,

Just to be sure that I understood correctly.

  1. SGX:K2LU will be delisted.

  2. You will get SGD0.97 + 1.7729 of SGX:J91U for every share of SGX:K2LU.

  3. All these will happen on 5th May


PS: How many ESR you currently own should not matter.

Hi Evan,
for point 2: should be SGD0.097 + 1.7729 of SGX:J91U for every share of SGX:K2LU.

(9.7 cents +1.7729 of SGX:J91U for every share of SGX:K2LU)

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Hi Evan,

I’ve attached a screenshot of the merger scheme details for a clearer picture.

Yes. ARA LOGOS will be delisted on 5th MAY. The dates of the merger are listed in the document that i attached-


Thank you for the correction !

[quote=“KarlDarrell, post:1, topic:41829”]
ARA LOGOS unitholders will receive-

Here it is again-

ARA LOGOS (SGX:K2LU) unitholders will get-

*$0.097 per ARA LOGOS unit and-
1.7729 new ESR units (SGX:J21U)(at $0.4924)* per ARA LOGOS unit


Sure. Give me this weekend to prepare for this. Likely I will create the “event” so that users with ARA LOGOS simply need to click “accept” and transactions will be created for them.


Wanted to add it in but realized that I set a constraint to be able to add only on the day itself.

What I will do

K2LU will split into 1.7729 x J21U (valued at 0.4924) + 0.097

  1. Create a sell transaction for K2LU @ 0.96997596 (= 1.7729 x 0.4924 + 0.097)

  2. Create a buy transaction of 1.7729 J21U @ 0.4924

See ESR REIT - ARA LOGOS merger - #7 by KarlDarrell

Please wait till 5th May to revisit this thread

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Hi Evan,

Tks for the input advise on above.

There is also a clean-up dividend from ARA Logos which has gone ex on 21 April 2022. Did not notice any update on this with regards to the dividend tab.
Suppose, the clean up dividend needs to be included for purpose of computing the total return for the closed position of ARA Logos.

Also, noted that projected dividends till end Dec2022 include ARA logos which will be non-existence.

Await your update on above.

@CSMC Is that the SGD0.097?

This Clean-up distribution was announced on the 29th APRIL.

Ex date - 21 April
Pay date - 18 May

Check the attached link - ARA LOGOS Logistics Trust | Investor Relations: Announcements

I see. As it was announced just before the long weekend, that explains why upstream data not updated yet. I would say let’s wait another 2 business days to see if it get updated on its own else we will override it.

Done. All you have to do is go to this link and click accept →


Hi, when should the ESR RSIT shares be reflected in my CDP? I held just 700 of alog though.

Also, this leads me to a 504 error?

I am not sure but I suppose it should be 18 May + 3 working day.

There are some network issues with upstream now. I have emailed upstream about it. Please try again.

Hi Evan, thank you, link worked after a few more tries.

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Hi Evan,

There is a “ALOG Clean-up Distribution of 1.406 cents per ALOG unit for the period from 1 January 2022 to 21 April 2022 (being the day immediately before the Effective Date of 22 April 2022)

I think the event link above did not factor this in. so do we need to manually add in the dividend?



Hi Weimin,

Yes, there is a dividend with ExDate 20 April 2022 =>


I missed that!

Thanks Evan!

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