Follower request - where did approval page go?

I received the daily email today and under Notifications it indicates that I have a follow request. When I click on See notifications, it takes me to, but there is no indication of the request. On the main menu drop down there is a red 1 indicating something new, but this is showing on Profile. Again, Profile has nothing regarding follow requests, and the red 1 does not go away after I look at it.

It used to be simple to approve a follow request, but now I am lost. User error or bug?

Ahโ€ฆ I have switched to put it under profile.

Over there, you can click on the XXX Followers => Then you should be able to find the approve link.

Ah, so dess nay

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ใใ†ใงใ™ใ‚ˆ :slight_smile: