Hollysys Automation Technologies Ltd not been updated?

Hi this stock in my portfolio but prices haven’t been updated for last few days. Pls check? Thanks Evan!

Done => https://stocks.cafe/stock/recent/HOLI/?exchange=XUSX

Thank you for reporting!~

hi @evankoh not sure why but the same stock is not being updated again.
Prices shown for this counter in my portfolio is as of 13 March 2020!

Interesting. It is showing till 20 March here -> https://stocks.cafe/stock/recent/HOLI/?exchange=XUSX

Let me check

I see. You are using the LSE one in your portfolio -> https://stocks.cafe/stock/recent/0M58/hollysys+automation+technologies+ltd?exchange=XLON

I just check. Somehow my upstream data only have till 13 March for this.

Did you buy it on US exchange or London exchange?

You are right, sorry it’s my bad! Should hv picked the US stock code instead. Thanks Evan!

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