How do y’all handle accumulating ETFs?

I own some CSPX.LN. Dividends are supposed to be accumulated and reinvested on my behalf. How do I properly account for this in my portfolio? Presumably I need to somehow figure out how much I was supposed to have received in dividends, and use that as cost for the additional share? Not sure how to do that though =/


In this case, there is nothing needed to be done by you. The “dividends” will eventually be reflected with higher prices of this ticker.



Ah ok yeah that’s true. Haha. Cos the dividend that I would have received = the value of the additional share that I received. So actually what I need to do is just add one share with cost 0, right?

Actually there’s nothing to do on your part.

What will happen is the ETF will receive dividends and auto purchase more shares accordingly. In this way, the size (I.e the AUM) of the ETF will increase and increases the underlying NAV of the ETF. With this increase of AUM/NAV, it will result in a higher share price of the ETF.

Hence the accumulation will result in higher share price of your share (e.g $200 -> $201) instead of $200 + $1 dividend received by you.

So conclusion, nothing to do on your end. Just sit back and relax.


Interesting… I see. I didn’t realise that’s how it works. Thanks!