How to create a portfolio and add stocks transactions?



Background: There is a portfolio function in stocks cafe and a user can create multiple portfolios. For me i felt that the creation of multiple portfolio is a good function as I am now able to create multiple stocks portfolio and also track it’s individual performance, but I can also look at the performance of my portfolio as a whole when required.


This function is available for both Friends of StocksCafe and also the free user tier.

How to create a portfolio and then add stocks to it.

  1. First click on the portfolio from the first dropdown


  1. Next click on the all blue button and then click on add/edit portfolio

  1. Input a name of the portfolio which is meaningful to you and click on add

  1. Follow step 1 again to go back to the portfolio screen so you can add stocks to your portfolio

  2. Now click on the transactions button and than click on add to input the stocks

  1. Add in your stocks and remember to choose the correct portfolio and you are ready to go

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