How to key in withholding tax for exchanges and how to override it for individual stocks?



Background : The first feature of adding in withholding tax for exchanges was added due to some stocks which are listed in certain exchanges have dividends withholding tax.

Exchange Level Setting: This is useful for markets where most stocks have a dividend withholding tax rate (e.g. US listed companies have tax rate of 30%).

The second feature to override dividends tax for individual stocks was created to override individual stock’s tax rules which is being configured in stocks cafe. The reason for using this feature is although the stocks are listed in a US based stocks exchange, these stocks (known as ADRs) are not taxed at 30%.

Stock Level Setting: This is useful because not all stocks listed on the US markets are subject to the same dividend tax rate. ADRs is a category of stocks that have tax rates based on the underlying market. For example: RDS.B is listed on NYSE but its primary market is LSE, hence there is no dividend withholding tax.

This function is available for both Friends of StocksCafe and also the free user tier.

Exchange Level Setting

  1. Go to settings

  2. Click on update preferences

  3. Click on the portfolio tab and key in the percentage in the respective field and then click on update

Stocks Level Setting

  1. Click on portfolio and then select the stock to override the tax rate

  2. Go to the right of the screen and you can key in the new tax rate and click on update.

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