How to screen for stocks using StocksCafe?


Background: One of the useful feature of StocksCafe which made me pay for it’s friends of stocks cafe membership is it’s screener feature. For example, you have learnt a new investing technique for finding value stocks with some specific metrics and now wish to screen the stocks market for it. With Stocks Cafe, it will just be a quick screen through thousands of stocks. Definitely saved a lot of my time and is cheap as compared to other alternatives out there.

This full feature is only available to friends of StocksCafe. Basic users will have some features and results hidden from them.

1.Select tools from the drop down

  1. Now click on add to add in a criteria which you wish to screen. You can have multiple criteria, thus you can keep repeat this step if you wish to add in more screening criteria.

  1. There are multiple type of screening criteria, however in this tutorial we will focus on type 1 which is the basic screening against a value. Search for the criteria you wish to screen for (In this example I wanted to screen for current dividends yield) and then input in the value (in this example is > 5% yield) and click on add.

  1. Repeat step 2- 3 if you have more than 1 criteria

  2. Now that we have our screener, it is time to save it with a meaningful name so we can use it again in the future

  1. Now it is time for us to run our screener,
    6 - Step 1 : Click on the screener to make sure we are choosing the correct one
    6 - Step 2 : Ensure that the screener name is displayed
    6- Step 3 Now click on run

  1. You will now see the results of the screen at the bottom of the results section

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