How to use StocksCafe to track your net worth



Background: As an investor, we want a convenient way to calculate and track all our assets as well as have a way to tell how far off we are from the ultimate goal of financial freedom.

StocksCafe has the tools to do just that, with the final numbers nicely condensed on the Dashboard.

Dashboard is available to both Friends of StocksCafe as well as the free tier.

Here’s a quick guide on how to get started on tracking:

  1. Make sure your Portfolio is updated. Refer to this thread if you are new to adding transactions.
    Note: If you don’t use the Cash Balance function, uncheck “Display Cash Balance” under Portfolio Preferences as it will affect the calculation of your net worth

  2. Add in all of your other assets and liabilities in Other Assets (examples: life insurance, rental income, stocks on markets not yet supported on StocksCafe). Refer to the respective threads on how to add an asset or add a liability.

  3. View your net worth and FFI (Financial Freedom Index) that tells you how far you are from achieving financial freedom on your Dashboard.

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