iAssist Score

I am abit confused by the score for each stock. How is it determined and is it better for a stock to score 65.01 (e.g. Mapletree Industrial Trust) vs 46.77 (e.g. Ascendas)?

I recently bought into Ascendas and Mapletree Logistics Trust and both are reflecting lower scores of 49.40 and 46.77 respectively. Their dividend strength and current yield are fine though.

Hope you guys can provide some insights.
Thank you.

From what I have seen the higher the score the best it is to pick for your current portfolio. I don’t remember the details of how it is calculated though…

The description is in the text above the table.


Note that only counters in your portfolio and watchlist are considered, so you will not get other suggestions. For that you can use the screener.


iAssist also assumes that you have done due dilligence on the stocks you own or are in your watchlist, and it will suggest the best match for your portfolio based on the various criteria.

Thanks pain & bobtravs. Is it that stocks which are already in your portfolio would probably have a lower score as diversification is recommended to reduce VaR?

I don’t know the intricacies of the algorithm, but certainly VaR and also the third point “Penalize overinvestment in a company” will play a part.

Hi all,

What is discussed is basically accurate. Please put in a Friend request if you would like more transparency and/or customizable ways in the computation.

I did this >3 years ago I believe. Maybe it is time to revisit it :slight_smile: