Is there any way to add Options portfolio into stocks cafe?
Assuming I do it on the same stock, my average price etc will change.

Hi Chomp,

Unfortunately, I do not have Options pricing data hence you cannot add it into Portfolio.

However, you can add them as Other Assets.


ok thx. will try that

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I was thinking, is it possible to set up as another profile and manage it from there ?


I am not sure if I understand what you meant.


sorry i meant if i setup as another portfolio and name it “options”

Sorry, I mean that you cannot add it into this -> https://stocks.cafe/personal/portfolio
It is because I do not have pricing data for options.

You would need to add it into here -> https://stocks.cafe/personal/assets
Where you have to enter the pricing information manually.

Oic. Thx for clarifying

Hi I tried adding options into the assets. However I noticed a problem.
I have a long buy call and a short sell call on the same option.
However on stocks cafe, it lists it as a closed position, which theoretically shouldn’t be.
Any way to circumvent that?

Hmm… I would maybe list them as two different options (i.e. create two different assets).

  1. Long Buy Call -> Buy transaction on Asset A

  2. Short Sell Call -> Sell transaction on Asset B