Other Asset Payment Bug

For payment under other asset, although is upcoming payment, but at my dashboard page it will show as received payment.

And for the payment (bond coupon), it will not show under dividend under portfolio, so i cant trace the bond coupon payment.

Yup. I previously just lump them together. I just change it such that they are now differentiated => StocksCafe

I do not really understand what you mean here. Are you still talking about Other Assets or Portfolio?

Thanks Evan, i can see the differential now…

Btw, to check if the dividend under dashboard received ((portfolio due/paid+announced)+(other asset due/paid))?

And under dashboard upcoming is ((portfolio projected)+(other asset upcoming))?


This also includes closed position since they are received income/loss.

Projected and upcoming dividends from portfolio + upcoming payments from other assets.

Hi Evan,
I cant still get the number correct at the total dividend at dashboard, after adding all the dividend (announced, projected, due) and payment from other asset. can you take a look, thanks.

You would need to PM me more concrete details.