Position not showing in portfolio

I have a position in https://stocks.cafe/stock/search?query=symbol%3ACC%3ANEAR-USD

i can see it in transactions and also within the link above.

however it is not showing in my portfolio. can you please help to check?

Same here for me wrt Sentinelone (USX:S).

Oddly, my new transaction at the same time Ascendas Reit (SGX) does show and update correctly in the portofolio.

@evankoh FYI. Giving me more details/description to track the bug down.

Sorry, the backend process for processing these went down due to the adding of CoinGecko. Please try again. Should be back up now.

Thanks Evan. Confirmed working as normal now.

same - working now, thanks!

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hi @evankoh i am experiencing the same issue with the following:

they are showing in transactions but not in closed positions nor in portfolio.

another question is, i currently have positions in my portfolio under CC, as new positions in the same asset can only be added under CG, are they listed separately in my portfolio or under the same item?

when can we expect the migration of existing transactions into CG to be? or will i have to do that manually for all our historic transactions?

Hi Natcin,

I hope the latest article would answer your question → [MUST REAd] For Those Who Track Crypto in StocksCafe – StocksCafe Blog

We are currently performing the migration. So, the transaction will show up first. Then the portfolios and positions will update because there is a background process processing all of them now as we speaks. I just checked. We are more than half way through and I expect everything to be fully processed within the next 1-2 hours.


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thanks evan. will wait and see what else is still not migrated.

FYI, this link on the article isnt working https://stocks.cafe/all?exchange=CG

seems like it should be https://stocks.cafe/overview?exchange=CG

also seems like a number of those in the original CC list are now not in the CG, is it still migrating or is this the ‘final’ list for now? if so i’ll submit a list for what is missing.

This is correct. My bad. I restricted it to only I can see :frowning:

Yes, please submit with the mapping. I could not possibly do all the mapping manually myself :frowning: