Projected Dividend Bug?

Hi Evans,

The projected dividends in the report tab does not tally up with the projected and due/paid in the dividends tab.

My dividends due/paid has already exceeded the projected dividends for 2022, I have also been noticing that the 2022 projected dividends has been decreasing in yield over time. Thus I have been doing some calculations on my own and found that It doesn’t add up.


Hi there,

Thank you for reporting. Yes, you are right. The issue is caused by poor cache management :frowning:

I have fixed it. Please verify.


Hi Evan

Thanks for the fix, I found the following problem while testing it out.


  1. By toggling to the ex date in the report tab, it seems the bug for ex date still remains.
    Manually added up ex date projected and due dividends ( Doesn’t add up )

(iOS app)

  1. iOS app defaults to ex date. Hence it maybe related to the above. Once the above is fixed, this should be cleared too.

Hi Evans

Scratch that, problem resolved.

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