Projected Dividends Page Not Loading

As above, none of the forecasting pages work. Shows error in loading when I click it.

Hi there,

Sorry for the issue. Can you give me more details?

I just tried on Desktop and Mobile App and they seems to be working fine.


Hi Evan,

Still not working for me, I’m using iPhone with safari.
It shows error loading page.

Hi there,

Did you mean this page? →

I just checked and it is fine for me. Cannot seems to replicate the issue. Can you give me more details?

  1. Can you give me the url that gave you issue?

  2. Can you give me the screenshot?

  3. Can you try other browsers (e.g. crhome) to see if the issue is still there?


I clicked it from “my dashboard”
It doesn’t show.

I see. Thanks for sharing. I believe I have fixed the issue. Please try again. Thanks.

Works now but somehow Dividends Projected Monthly Summary (based on PayDate) keeps loading for like the past few minutes and never seems to be able to show even after I refresh. Same goes for full projection.

Weird. Do you face the same issue on desktop?