Stock voucher calculation

How do I calculate for the price offset if used a stock voucher when buying a stock?

Is this for Tiger Brokers? If so, maybe better to directly reach out to Tiger Brokers support.

yes its tiger. but i’m enquiring based on transaction input on stockscafe. does it allow for that? cos the average calculated will be different than if the voucher was not used.

I see.

Hmm… You can only input one fees field which means that you either have to include or exclude the discount from stock voucher. It cannot handle both.

i see. so if i want to include the voucher means i average out the cost and input the cost based on the new rate?

If you want to include the voucher, you can simply input it as fees.

but fees does not allow me to set a negative value?
cos the average after deducting the voucher becomes lower. but if i put it in fees, the average will end up increased.

? You mean the stock vouchers will allow you to make the fees negative?

nope .
so for eg. i buy stock A 100 shares at $2 each. so total will be $200.
but if i have a stock voucher of $50, it reduces my total to $150, hence my average now should be $(200-50)/100 = $1.5/stock?

I see.

Yes, your calculation looks good to me.

ps: I always thought the stock voucher can only be used to offset fees. Did not know that you could actually reduce the total cost.

I think it does offset the overall. Cos I checked my balance and seems to have deducted less Thn what I should have paid for the stock (even with the commission waiver).

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