StocksCafe Tutorial Guidelines


Thank you for wanting to contribute to StocksCafe!

Tutorial vs Q&A

First, we need to determine if something should be a tutorial. I agree that the boundary can be unclear but the following are some guidelines.

  1. Q&A: It is a question that is time-sensitive or likely affecting only a small group of users (e.g. Why didn't I receive the daily market update email from StocksCafe?).

  2. Q&A: It is a question that have a simple answer that can be easily explained in a few sentences (e.g. When are stock prices updated?).

  3. Q&A: It is more a question than how to use certain feature (e.g. How is average price computed?).

How to suggest a tutorial?

  1. Think of a topic that you would like to suggest.

  2. Check if a similar topic is already available. If so, consider reaching out to the current author about why current tutorial is still insufficient and discuss on updating it. If creating a new tutorial is better, please add the reason why to the top of new tutorial.

  3. Determine which section the topic belongs to. See Which section should my tutorial be in? below.

  4. Add the topic to StocksCafe Tutorial - Main Page with “[TODO - Need volunteer]” as prefix to title.

How to create a tutorial?

  1. Think of a topic that you would like to talk about (e.g. How to screen for stocks using StocksCafe?)

  2. Check if a similar topic is already available in the StocksCafe Tutorial - Main Page. If so, please consider if it would be better to update current tutorial by working with author or create a new one. Yes, it is totally fine to have multiple tutorials on similar topic.

  3. Create a new topic in StocksCafe Tutorials Section. Or alternatively, if you prefer to use other channels (e.g. your own personal blog or other platform), please feel free to do so.

  4. If the title does not intuitively explain the what or why, consider having a short write up at the top of the page to explain/share more. Some neat examples will be here and here.

  5. Clearly state in the contents if some features are limited to Friends of StocksCafe only.

  6. It would be great if the tutorial is in a step by step format with links and images whenever possible.

  7. Finally, please link your tutorial to StocksCafe Tutorial - Main Page.

Which section should my tutorial be in?

StocksCafe Basics - Tutorials that every user of StocksCafe should be aware of in their first few weeks of using StocksCafe.

StocksCafe for Advanced Users - Tutorials that does not belong to StocksCafe Basics :slight_smile:

Note: More sections/sub-sections might be added in future as more tutorials are added.

Thank you!