STPK despac to STEM since June but ticker description not changed

Hi Evan, STPK in USX changed the ticker to STEM and the description is yet to be changed. Could you check with the source?

Also, a small request: in the portfolio table, the “Value” and “APrice” doesn’t have the thousand separator. Could you do that to be same as “Cost” column? thanks

This is an example of ticker change. You need to do this → How to Handle Ticker Changes - StocksCafe Academy



Thanks Evan!

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Hi, SFTW despac to BKSY but ticker is not updated yet.


BKSY is now updated →

Btw, for ticker change, please use this to make it happen for your portfolio → How to Handle Ticker Changes - StocksCafe Academy

As I am not following this development, please let me know what else needs to be done.


Thanks Evan,

Can you also add the warrants which is BKSY-WS

I tried to add manually but it shows this error:
Cannot find symbol (USX:BKSY-WS) in supported exchanges. Please contact Evan if you believe this should be a valid symbol

Done. Added →

Thanks Evan, but the price of BKSY-WS seems to be inaccurate. It shows 10.54 but the correct price should be 1.75

I see. Let me email upstream about it.

Done. Upstream updated →