"Time-weighted Returns (including Dividends & Fees) " (TSE:1329) on Report

  1. Go to Portfolio Report
  2. Look at Line Year 2024, Row 1329, of "Time-weighted Returns (including Dividends & Fees) " Table, it shows -22.41%.

The expected result is around 15%, as the price of TSE:1329 was
34810 on 2023/12/29 and 39860 on 2024/5/1.

Could you please look into this. Thank you very much.

Hi there,

Sure. Let me take a look at it.

However, before that, is your base currency SGD or JPY? (It could be the factoring of FX changes).


It’s JPY. Thank you.

Thank you for waiting. I found and fixed the issue. Please verify.

Basically, when I migrated to new provider for Tokyo data, I did not handle the date migration hence it is still pointing to old provider which is stuck at 12 April 2024 :frowning:

Just confirmed the fix, thank you!

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