Track Broker used

Hi Hi,

I am wondering if it is possible to add a new category of which broker is used to do a transaction.

Most of us trade on different platforms and may be leveraging on different platform…

Its hard to trade if we don’t know which platform we use to transact in the first place.

I am recording based on the notes, I will indicate which trading platform I used but I prefer it to be search or be able to consolidate a view based on trading platform.

Hi Lawrence,

For me, for each broker that I am using, I create a portfolio for it.

This is a sub list of the portfolios I have

  1. Tiger USD
  2. Tiger SGD
  3. Tiger HKD
  4. Saxo SGD
  6. SSB
  7. StandChart USD
  8. StandChart SGD


Thanks for the suggestion.

currently I am using the portfolio to track the stocks according to our class batches…

I was hoping if there could be a tracker against various portfolio telling us what brokers we used.

cos it is either I track the performance of the batch or like u track the broker… but I will prefer if we are able to track both ways…

I see. Unfortunately, this is not possible now :frowning: