TWR incorrect currently

I wish…lol


same issue

Hi I face the same issue for a few days as well. Appreciate the fix. Thanks.

Hi all,

Thank you for reporting. Since TWR is pulled from the report, I re-run the report and all three TWR (@hochuanming @facemyfate @ohjason81) seems to be back to normal.

Hmmm… Will investigate more on the cause but for now, it should be fine. Please verify.


Yeah, thanks @evankoh

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I’m facing the same issue too.

@kohryunkiat I just update your portfolio report and that seems to fix it.

I seem to be facing the same issue too. Appreciate if you can help! thanks!

Hi @evankoh , I seem to be facing the same issue as well!


Hi all,

  1. If you go to the report page →

  2. Then click on the “Update Report Now (Full)” link. Once the updating is done, it should be resolve.

ps: I am still working on understanding and fixing this issue. Sorry for the delay. Been a busy week at work :frowning: