@evankoh Can’t find the ticker for ASCOTT BT(SGX:HMN)

Yes, it is not up yet. It should be up tonight => https://stocks.cafe/friend/viewissue?issue_id=1444

I have the same question as well.
how to update AHTrust situation in StockCafe?

What is the situation? Sorry, I am not keeping track :slight_smile:
If you explain to me, I can maybe suggest something.

Investors in AHT receive 5.43c in cash and 0.7942 new Ascott Reit-BT unit issued at S$1.30 a unit for every unit of AHT they hold.

The 1.30 was only indicative.

I decided to add the following transactions.

  1. Sell AHT @ 1.12 on last day of trading.

  2. Cash deposit @ S$0.0543 per AHT unit.

  3. Buy HMN @ $1.33 today.

  4. A small adjustment to the cash balance to keep it balanced against my bank account.

There will also be a final distribution for AHT at some point, which I will add as a cash deposit. It probably will not appear in SC as a distribution as the counter is no longer in existence.

Yes, the portfolio statistics will be slightly affected.

But the effort involved in making them 100% accurate IMO is not worth it.

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Mine is slightly complicated as I have both shares and I did it this way to ensure that the PnL is being tracked correctly and carried forward to the new share.

Note: This step is not needed anymore since Evan have done a system override

  1. I did an override for myself here - https://stocks.cafe/personal/portfolio/xoverride?label_id=-1 to account for the cash component paid out to Ascendas shareholders.
  1. Sell transaction on all Ascendas H-Trust shares at a price of $1.0325 (1.0868 - 0.0543) with $0 fee.

  2. Buy transaction on (0.7942 * the number of Ascendas H-Trust shares) Ascott Trust at a price of $1.30005036514731 (1.0325 / 0.7942) with $0 fee.

  3. Sell transaction on all Ascott REIT at your average cost price (calculate yourself. lol) with $0 fee.

  4. Buy transaction on the same number of shares for Ascott Trust at the same average cost price with $0 fee.

If you hold both shares, do 1 to 5.
If you hold only Ascendas H-Trust, do 1 to 3.
If you hold only Ascott REIT, do 4 to 5.

Hope this helps!


Thank you so much for sharing! Really appreciate it - very clear instructions too!

Thanks for sharing!

Welcome everyone! Glad you all found it useful. Do keep a lookout to see if Evan will override the dividends - https://stocks.cafe/friend/viewissue?issue_id=1451

If that happens, we will have to remove our own override to avoid double counting the dividends…

I am personally not sure what is the correct thing to do since I do not own this stock. But my initial thought is it should be overridden at the system level since it technically affects everyone and is a dividend in some sense.

What do you all think?

System level makes more sense. Maybe you can check with your upstream if they capture the dividend?

I waited for a few days and it still wasn’t capture and there was no way to propose an override for historical dividends at the system level (one can only delete or edit existing dividends or add future dividends) so I just override for myself.

@kpo Sorry for the delay. I have added the dividend. Please verify. Thanks.

Looks good! Those that added your own manual override, do remember to remove them!

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I only have AHT, so just need to do no. 2 and 3 and no need to manual add div?


New instructions:
If you hold both shares, do 2 to 5.
If you hold only Ascendas H-Trust, do 2 to 3.
If you hold only Ascott REIT, do 4 to 5.

Thanks so much for helping. As a final step, we need to also add odd lot trade whether to buy or sell to complete the picture right.

Can I check the new name after merging is Ascott Trust on peoms platform? I couldnt find any Ascott Reit name on it. Tks.

Don’t understand what you mean by that. Usually, it is not worth the commission to get rid/round the odd lots up, so I would probably just leave it.


OCBC and I think DBS (?) are not charging commission on odd lots, but the offer is expiring very soon.

I see. Didn’t know that cause I am using SCB. lol