Mine is slightly complicated as I have both shares and I did it this way to ensure that the PnL is being tracked correctly and carried forward to the new share.

Note: This step is not needed anymore since Evan have done a system override

  1. I did an override for myself here - Override Dividend Collected to account for the cash component paid out to Ascendas shareholders.
  1. Sell transaction on all Ascendas H-Trust shares at a price of $1.0325 (1.0868 - 0.0543) with $0 fee.

  2. Buy transaction on (0.7942 * the number of Ascendas H-Trust shares) Ascott Trust at a price of $1.30005036514731 (1.0325 / 0.7942) with $0 fee.

  3. Sell transaction on all Ascott REIT at your average cost price (calculate yourself. lol) with $0 fee.

  4. Buy transaction on the same number of shares for Ascott Trust at the same average cost price with $0 fee.

If you hold both shares, do 1 to 5.
If you hold only Ascendas H-Trust, do 1 to 3.
If you hold only Ascott REIT, do 4 to 5.

Hope this helps!