What are some technical indicators you use? And why?

I am thinking of adding more technical indicators to StocksCafe including the screener.

I am wondering what are some technical indicators that people are using. Preferably, with a bit of explanation.

By @jarwey

i am not into the TA bit. but i usually after i am done with the FA, i will look at TA to see whether to wait for lower price or not. so i just look for the mean average (to see where the psychological support level is), moving averages (to see the sentiment and also predict what the TA buyers will do).

By @azrael

I think it varies with people.

But generally, moving averages (SMA/EMA) for trend direction. Maybe further up would be Bollinger bands to look at price volatility.

Price momentum (MACD, RSI, ADX), they can function as oscillators as well, to determine weakening/strengthening trends and even overbought/oversold (RSI).

Maybe throw in some heiken ashi for a different visualisation of the candlesticks. Some people like fibonacci as well.

I think that’s pretty much everything.

I personally use Heiken Ashi, Bollinger Bands, Ehlers’ 3 pole Supersmoother (moving average) and FIsher Transformation (MACD), as well has volume profiling. In addition to multiple timeframe analysis + looking at support/resistance zones with my own eyes.

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There are mainly 3 top technical indicators used by forex experts. These are:

  • MA (Moving Average)
  • Bollinger Band
  • MACD(Moving Average Convergence Divergence)

You can find more details on the same here -

Agree w jarwey…ta seems so… fluid. For minions like me, I think TA is very distracting if you try to apply constantly for every decision.

I just use the sgx free screener for now, filter down to 30 or less stocks then zoom in about three to six to see if they are keepers.

Short answer on the technical part: current dividend yield is my major guiding point for “technical” analysis. At 3% you have a lot of choices, I set to between 4 to 8%, then decide which of the lot is the better buy.

Then TA a bit to decide the rough price to go for purchase.
At this point in time, TA wont majorly swing the price by too much.

Kinda like online shopping for things you need?