Why does Other Assets, under Overview, differs of List?


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Hi Evan,

Under other assets, under overview, i can only view 3 of my items but if you go into the list, there are 5 items. Also the cost value only reflects the 3 items in the overview but not the other items in the list.


I think there is a confusion between listing the Assets and owning the Assets.

  1. List of Assets → StocksCafe

  2. Current positions of Assets → StocksCafe

  3. Closed positions of Assets → https://stocks.cafe/personal/assets/closed

  4. Transactions of various Assets → StocksCafe
    Note: Point 4 influences point 2 and point 3. This is similar to Stock Portfolio.

So, yes, it is totally possible to see only 3 items in Overview (i.e. these are what you currently holding based on transactions entered) but having 5 items in the list (i.e. these are all the assets you have defined)

ps: Is it okay if I make this post public? I think many others might also have similar question.

Hi Evan,

Thanks of the prompt reply.

In my list created, i have added/owned 5 items. I have since sold one item which i also created in the transactions and is reflected correctly. So it means i should have 4 items in the overview. My total other assets value is only taking into account of the 3 items under overview and not including the 4th item.

Edit** i played around and added under transactions and now i am able to see all items listed under Overview…

You may share this as public post.

Thank you.

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