15 Dec USX Missing or Wrong Update for GOLD - Barrick

Pls check the EOB update on FRI, 15 Dec. My stock went to $0 with 100% decline. Consequently, all the figures are wrong.

I can’t tell immediately if only this particular stock is missing or the whole day update is missing. Pls check.

Sorry, issue with upstream data. I have fixed it → Barrick Gold Corp Recent Share Price (USX:GOLD) - StocksCafe


Thanks Evan. Your responsiveness is great as usual.

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Hi Evan, the problem reappeared this evening. can u check ?

Thanks. I just emailed upstream about it. It seems like an recurring issue. Will push for them to fix it.

Upstream replied. And it is fixed now. They also claimed that they fixed the root cause. Let’s monitor this for the next few days. Thanks!

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