52W% indicator visual display glitch

Hi Evan, there seems to be a visual glitch with the 52W% indicator. This glitch can be seen in Safari (on Mac), Microsoft Edge (on Windows 10) and Chrome (on Windows 10) browsers, so it seems it may not be a localised issue with my device.

Thank you for reporting. I fixed it. Please verify.

Verified fixed. But just a comment that the fix causes the row to break into another line (see image below). The “NA” for SSBs is also not centre-aligned. Just my OCD… :grin:

Okay. I made NA to be center.

As for the new line, I (actually mostly ChapGPT) could not figure out how to fix it :frowning:

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May i check if the actual percentage could be smaller in font, or to be removed and replaced by hovering to see the %? I am not sure if this is the root cause for each row to be wider.

Because currently, it makes my list a bit long :grin: seeing less of my list due to the bigger chart.

The font does not matter but I should be able to make the row shorter.

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