AA Reit tumbles 7% on private placement

Wonder what others are thinking right now.
Personally, the reit has been on my radar for quite a while since 2018h2. I was putting it on probation with intention to reduce my holdings this year with MCT / Parkway / VICOM to eventually take its place with a drop in overall dividend yield. So far the unrealized gains from the the three have far outpaced the unrealized loss of AA Reit.

Done some homework but I dont see this REIT’s dpu going up much over the next 3 years. It will likely hold constant (relative to its pace of issuing new shares), or drop a bit.

Any thoughts?

I rather go for CRCT, AIT, MUST or AGT

AAreit DPU down down down.

or wait for mapletree student trust or ascendas us reit

Yes AA reit dpu just doesn’t go up. Frustrating.