Accidentally deleted a transaction - how to retrieve?


I accidentally deleted a transaction from my SRS portfolio while trying to click the ‘edit’ button - is there anyway to retrieve it?

Thanks and Happy New Year


Did you have backup? As in this, under “Regular Export Email”->

If not, it would be hard to retrieve it :frowning:


Ahh…didn’t know about this function. Too bad i guess…
Thanks Evan for replying anyway.

Wishing you a Happy 2021!

Hmm… Did you lose many transactions or one? If really need, I can go pull from the backup server but it is a lot of work. So, the lazy me prefer not to do it but if that is the only way for you to recover your lost transaction, I guess I will have to :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the offer but It’s alright Evan. It was just one transaction and i can more or less remember what it was - don’t need to trouble you. Though if it was a lot, i would certainly take you up on the offer :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Ha… I would strongly suggest that you use the above mentioned feature to perform backups :slight_smile:

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