Accordia Golf Trust 2nd Tranche Payment

Some background: The company divested all its golf courses and have suspended trading since 29th Sep. After that, it announced 2 tranche of special payment from the divestment:
1st paid on 15th Oct 2020: 70.66c (which has been removed from StockCafe)
2nd paid on 27th Nov 2020: 3.84c

Instead of counting these as ordinary dividends, a better way to handle this might be for users to manually create a “sell transaction” of ADQU, at the price of the sum of all distribution payment. (There may be a potential 3rd tranche, which they can simply add on to the selling price)

This will avoid it being counted in as ordinary dividend projection / amount.


Thank you for sharing. Yes, I agree that those are not really dividends but payouts to “buy” your shares.

Have removed the second payout as well.

Please let me know if there is a third payout.


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Probably in Feb.


this is a little old news, but how do I make the manual adjustment on Stocks cafe for Accordia Golf?

Hi Jordan,

This is what is suggested and I think that made sense.


fyi there is a 3rd payout of 0.0217 on 17th Aug, please assist with the same treatment of the dividend @evankoh

Hi Kevin,

Done →

Please verify.


Thanks! all good now

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Hi @kevinbox,

can you share what is the most accurate way to close Accordia?