Accounting for same stock across different sub-portfolios

Hi all, I currently have two stocks common between my cash and srs portfolio (ocbc and singtel).

Hoping to clear out the redundant positions before end of year. My issue is it could have a loss or poorer return in one portfolio, and a better one in the other. But the average cost is based on both portfolios.

Trying to reflect the right cost base and return in each of the subportfolios. Any suggestions?

I thought about changing the date / time of the transactions to focus on reflecting the right cost for the open position but have yet to come up with something better

When you look at each subportfolio, it should be reflecting the right cost, no?
Or are you talking about when you look at OCBC stock page?

For my cash portfolio, ocbc was bought at 12+, and liquidated at loss. For srs, the ocbc was accumulated between 9.5-10.8.

But post selling the ones in cash, the srs ocbc is shown with an average cost of 12.

Overall the return calculation would be right, but factually I would think its better to reflect the loss in my cash portfolio, while srs still has unrealized position

Sorry for the late reply.

I see what you are saying.

Here, it is correct with average price at 10+ =>

But here, it is showing average price at 12+ because stock page does not have concept of portfolio and simply combine everything together =>
(btw, it is also the same under the all portfolio =>

I am inclined to think that this is correct behavior.

  1. When you view individual portfolios, the average price and P&L are correct.

  2. when you view the all portfolio, it combines everything and does not discriminate in which portfolio does OCBC is purchase as it is the all portfolio means to merge all portfolios.

Thanks for looking into it Evan. Once I am done with Singtel transition, I would try to work out a solution. I think its more of a preference lol, maybe sometimes we like to kid ourself thinking, agree generally wghted average is largely correct. Its prob I am too particular, as I refer to it to judge buy / sell / rebalancing