Adding auto calculations of Brokerage fees etc

Hi Ivan,

Every time I enter a new trade transaction, I understand that the columns for brokerage fees etc are kept as “Optional”.
Are there plans in the future to add an auto-calculation function (with a dropdown menu) of different brokerage fees etc?
I’m using an app called SGX Stock Calculator.
They have this function built-in.

It will be nice to know my net profit in my portfolio and how much I have actually incurred in fees and commissions.

Just a suggestion.

Best regards,
Gary Mah

Hi Gary,

I have tried in the past and was not successful. Did not know the exact formulae of brokers.

Oh… Did they state the formulae? I just tried to install it but it is not working :frowning:

Yes, the fees are optional but of course, you can put it in :slight_smile:
But I understand that can be quite irritating.


Hi Evan,

Thanks for your reply.

The SGX Stock Calculator is working fine on my Android phone.

But, I understand from the app reviews that a lot of users have problems with it.

I’ve attached some screenshots of the app for your reference.

Hopefully, in future we can see this incorporated in StockCafe.

Good to be able to see my P&L with commission and fees factored in.

Lastly, StockCafe is an awesome platform.

Best regards,


Hi Gary,

Thank you for the screenshot (via emails). I will look into this.

There is a ticket for this for you to track the progress ->