Adding the option for selecting 10 years of data under charts

Hi Evan,

Currently the charts section can allow us to select past 1, 3, 5 or Max option, it is possible to add another option for just past 10 years? This will be helpful if we want a good period of timeframe but don’t want to look at beyond 10 years of data. Thanks a lot!

Hi there,

I believe the key reason is that it would take too long to process and display. Need to consider how to balance that but technically it is straight forward if being slow is not an issue.


Thanks Evan for your response, I am ok to wait on my end if it needs to take longer to generate it. Kindly consider adding the 10 years option as I believe it will greatly help the stockscafe community as well. Thanks a lot and appreciate your effort!

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Done. Please check it out :slight_smile:

Hi Evan,

Kindly find screenshot above, I am unable to select for 10 years option under the chart. It only shows 1, 3, 5 or Max options. Please advise how to select it.

Thank you.

Sorry, I think you are on the server with the older version. It should be fixed now. PLease try again. Thanks!

Hi Evan,

I am unable to load it upon clicking the chart option. Please see the screenshot above after I clicked on the chart option. Kindly advise, thank you!

I see. This means that it took too long to respond. However, I believe the second load should be faster.

  1. So, a workaround is to load once and when you load the second time, it should be fine.

  2. I need to split up the requests so that the page will respond while it takes it own sweet time to generate the charts. Would you like to create a request for this?

I have created a request for this. Request number is 2616.

Thank you!

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