Adjustment on Cromwell European REIT 5:1 Unit Consolidation

Hi Evan,

It doesnt seems to be updated on stock cafe, do we need to adjust the counter for this corp action? If so, How do we do that correctly? Thanks.

Hi there,

You can simply this page to do the 5:1 stock split →

There is also a post explaining how to do stock splits on StocksCafe Academy.


Hi Evan, could you advise on the followings to fill for this counter as im not sure which one to put.

Sure. Let me try.

Symbol (Old) → the previous stock code (was it SGX:CNNU? Assuming we are talking about the EUR one)
Symbol (New) → the new stock code (I think it is SGX:OFKU)
Stock Split Ratio (Old) → 5
Stock Split Ratio (New) → 1

Hi Evan,

I have implemented the stock split but it is not showing or not updated after 1 hour. Can you check if what is wrong? Thank you.

Ah… I just checked. I realized that you do not have the EUR version but you have the SGD version. In this case, you should use the following instead.

Symbol (Old) → SGX:CSFU
Symbol (New) → SGX:QTRU
Stock Split Ratio (Old) → 5
Stock Split Ratio (New) → 1

I have CNNU. in the Split function, the new symbol field cannot even populate OFKU.

So few hours have passed and nothing has changed.

If I do a stock search on OFKU, it can be found. But OFKU cannot be found in the Split page…


Yes, you need to use SGX:OFKU instead of just OFKU

Hi Evan, it works! Thank you!

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Hi all,

Please note that the new Cromwell tickers are changed to CWCU (for SGD) and CWBU (for EUR).

Yes, QTRU and OFKU are suspended. I also dunno why SGX is doing this. See this ticket’s comment for more details →

If you already did perform the stock split with this page (into QTRU or OFKU) →
You just need to delete the auto generated transactions (one SELL transaction and one BUY transaction).

Then just use the new tickers to perform the stock split again
Symbol (Old): SGX:CSFU (or SGX:CNNU if you bought the EUR version)
Symbol (New): SGX:CWCU (or SGX:CWBU if you bought the EUR version)
Stock Split Ratio (Old): 5
Stock Split Ratio (New): 1
Stock Split Date: 10 May 2021

Let me know if you have any questions.


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Hi Evan
I just did what you mentioned here. As I’m quite noob, would you kindly see if I’ve done it correctly for my holdings?
Thanks in advance!

Sure. Took a look. You actually used the wrong/suspended ticker OFKU. It’s okay. I have changed it to CWBU for you :slight_smile:

Oops. Haha. Thank you so much!

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