All REITs listed in Singapore

Yesterday, I created a new feature in StocksCafe where you can create your own Stock Subset. (See this article for more information.) So, I created the first Subset attempting to list all the REITs listed in Singapore. Please let me know if I missed any or added any wrongly.


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Thanks, list looks ok, although there is the “business trust” verses REIT issue.

Would you like to create another subset named “business trust”? :slight_smile:

How do i add this subset into my watchlist and screener?


  1. From here (, click “Add More”

  2. Type 6 would have the public subsets and your own subset. At this point, there are only one public subset though :frowning:

Not possible to add subset into your watchlist though

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Thank you.

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Ah, the ping-pong effect.

As the more REIT-like business trusts are already included in the list, I can’t see a gain in making another list, which would probably not be used by anybody…