Allocation by Parent and Child Tree

Hi Evan, I would like to request for a feature to allow breakdown of the Allocation to present in a bird’s eye view the linkages of the different types of Allocation (e.g. by Exchange → Sector → Industries → Stocks and their percentage and amount of total portfolio holdings).

Something like a flow chart/diagram.

I think it will be useful for portfolio and risk management.

Hi, just curious, how is that different from allocation tab under portfolio?

Hi, when we view allocation tab, it can only show one selection, e.g. industry, but if we can see the entire branching out instead of clicking by industry, by sector, by stocks, by exchange, it will save more time and easier to see in a glance.

If there is such feature at the moment, please guide me, thanks.

Hi, I havent used that kind of diagram to view allocation before, so i cant visualize it. It feels like flowchart may be abit cluttered with info, eg. if same industry but different exchange.

Until Evan replies, would it be helpful to include the display columns (exchange, port%, ) in overview tab? It lacks the sector/industry breakdown though.

Can you add the feature request? →